Engine Counterbalance

1.0 - 3.5 Tonne 8-Series 4-Wheel Forklift

The Toyota 8-Series 1-3 tonne engine powered counterbalance forklift is Australia’s favourite* engine-powered forklift model. Stacked with world class safety features, superior performance, outstanding productivity and user friendly ergonomics, it’s simply first class.


3.5 - 5.0 Tonne 8-Series 4-Wheel Forklift

If productivity is a necessity then the 8-Series 3.5-5.0 tonne forklift range from Toyota has it all! The capacity and power you need for your heavy-duty jobs. The Toyota ergonomics and comfort your operators want. And our customer field testing during development produces those subtle Toyota refinements such as ease of service and dependability that make it even better value.


6.0 - 8.0 Tonne 8-Series Diesel Forklift

Introducing the NEW 8-Series 6.0-8.0 tonne forklift range from Toyota!

Toyota’s line expands with the availability of a breed of high-performance forklifts for an ever-demanding market. A triumph of advanced technology and an ongoing commitment to improving productivity, this forklift features a safe and solid design and a stability that inspires reliability and job confidence.