1.0 – 3.0 Tonne 8FB 4-Wheel Battery Forklift

The feature packed Toyota 8FB battery-electric forklift! With high energy efficiency, outstanding safety and driver comfort, it delivers excellent power and performance all with zero emissions. Plus the diverse range of options available gives you the flexibility to customise the 8FB to meet your exact needs.


Also known as hand pallet trucks.

Safety :

Exclusive Safety Features:-

  •  The 8FB series features an Operator Presence Sensing system (OPS) that senses if the operator is not in the normal traveling position and interrupts travel power and load-handling operation.
  • An Anti-Rollback feature helps to ensure operation on slopes.
  • Toyota’s optional exclusive System of Active Stability with proven features such as the active-mast function controller and active steering synchroniser optimises productivity, helping to provide for a safer work environment.

Productivity :

High Energy Efficiency:-

  • The 8FB series achieves longer operating time by minimising energy loss.
  • An all-new pedal-stroke detection regenerative brake system allows the 8FB to improve the efficiency of energy recovery thereby increasing operating times.
  • More efficient motors and controllers and a new AC power system have resulted in an approximate five per cent improvement in operating times over the highly regarded 7FB Series model.

And best of all it’s built Toyota tough, with reliability and durability that is second to none

Performance :

Stable and Smooth Operation:-

  • The 8FB Series is equipped with such features as a high-mount rear axle that positions the point of the rear axle support closer to the trucks center of gravity, that helps achieve stable turns.
  • Other features such as an automatic turn-speed control combines lift-height and load-weight-sensing along with turn-speed control, automatically limiting the forklift’s speed when turning and helping the forklift achieve more stable turns that match the operating conditions.

Comfort & Ergonomics :

Superb Comfort and Visibility:-

  • Easy entry and exit and a comfortable operating posture the operator friendly design of the 8FB Series provides you with comfortable operation.
  • Outstanding visibility is also provided via a lattice-design overhead guard, angled lower stay for the backrest, and an optimally positioned display contributes to comfort and reduced operator fatigue.

Ease of Use :

Customisable To Your Needs:-

  • The new 8FB Series forklifts have a full array of customisable options available to meet your worksite needs. These include a height selector that simplifies load handling operation, a selection of operating levers, shock sensor to detect and warn collision impact, and a PIN code entry system to prevent forklift use by unauthorised personnel.


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