Regardless of the application expectation, these compact forklift diesel engine powered models have deservedly acquired a name synonymous with durability.

Three frame types, five mast capacity designs and four engine sizes create a range of different configurations to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find the ideal combination to suit your needs.

Ideal for industrial applications, the fork lift trucks achieve outstanding traction on sloping or slippery surfaces, with solid pneumatic tyres providing excellent operator comfort. A built-in warning system and easy maintenance procedures help to keep your truck in service and your costs to a minimum.

The Diesel Powered forklift models are equipped with powerful, industrial strength, dependable and easy to service S4Q2 and S4S diesel engines with low emissions and fuel consumption.


Also known as DP15-35N.

Lower Cost:

  • Modern design techniques in combination with long life of components result in a long service interval reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Vehicle Control Module manages various truck and operator functions allowing easy trouble shooting and pin pointing of problems.
  • LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation and maintenance state. It also indicates service requirements to prevent unexpected down time and cost due to unscheduled maintenance and service.
  • LED lights on the front work lights and front/rear combination lights reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Productivity :

  • State-of-the-art LPG engine with engine management system and regulated catalytic converter for great performance, low noise and emission levels. This powerful proven industrial engine also brings efficient fuel usage.
  • Fully floating powertrain layout to lower the centre of gravity, increases truck stability and residual lifting capacities.
  • Reliable, high performance diesel engine, with low emission levels and low fuel consumption.

Safety :

  • Presence Detection System, (PDS), prevents truck operation when operator is not seated.
  • Low noise levels keep the operator concentrated while reducing fatigue in long shifts.
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls mounted on a fully adjustable armrest for optimum load handling and easy maneuverability.
  • Operator Pin Code to prevent unauthorised usage of the truck.
  • Automotive style pedal layout for easy and comfortable operation.
  • Adjustable steering column with memory position that adjusts to operator’s preference for comfortable operation.
  • Low step in chassis for easy on and off access.

Options :

  • Elevated exhaust.
  • Additional working lights and revolving lamps.
  • Manual hydraulic controls.
  • Heavy duty steering link.
  • Indicator kit for monitoring condition of air cleaner and level of brake fluid and coolant.

Specifications :

DP15N 1500 500 S4Q2 Diesel
DP18N 1750 500 S4Q2 Diesel
DP20CN 2000 500 S4Q2 Diesel
DP20N 2000 500 S4S Diesel
DP25N 2500 500 S4S Diesel
DP30N 3000 500 S4S Diesel
DP35N 3500 500 S4S Diesel


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