These larger engine powered forklift models are designed for heavy duty applications and are the natural choice for use in ports, construction, freight, and metal and brick operations. With exceptional endurance and power they effortlessly handle the most difficult and heavy loads even when operating at full capacity.

In the diesel powered fork lifts, the tough six-cylinder engine’s precombustion chamber allows each cylinder to work at peak efficiency regardless of load and speed and contributes to the truck’s exceptionally low noise, vibrations, emissions and economy. The rotary fuel pump allows easy maintenance while protecting the engine

The compact, smooth lines of each model ensure that they are easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces whilst ensuring good visibility. The excellence of the range is further boosted by a wide array of options that enable you to fine tune each truck to your work requirements.

Also known as DP40-55N.

Lower Cost:

  • Specially positioned air intake system lengthens the life of air intake filter cartridges.
  • LCD multi functional display with indicators providing all safety functions, allows for rapid trouble shooting.
  • Long service interval.
  • Fingertip hydraulic mast control.
  • Durable transmission system giving smooth and accurate gear changes and low noise levels.
  • Highly regarded, market proven industrial diesel and LPG engines give excellent performance.
  • LED lights and LED front / rear combination lights.

Productivity :

  • Engine hour’s timer keeps track of hours worked helping fleet managers to schedule regular maintenance.
  • Compact design through all the range which increases maneuverability in space restricted areas.
  • Cooling system designed to reduce blockages utilising pusher type radiator airflow.
  • Wide variety of mast types and lifting heights allows the truck to be specified to your needs.
  • High capacity ratings.
  • Full floating power line featuring two forward speeds and one speed reverse with high gradeability and travel speed.
  • Hydrostatic steering system makes maneuvering the truck light and easy.
  • 5.5 tonnes capacity model gives greater versatility to satisfy customer requirements.

Safety :

  • PDS+, presence detection system disengages drive and hydraulic functions when the operator’s seat is vacated.
  • Electronic button operated parking brake.
  • Operator identification system with Pin-code standard.
  • Handgrip mounted at the rear of the overhead guard with a horn button contributes to reduce back strain and fatigue in applications with repetitive reversing.
  • Hydraulic controlled drum brake system for increased safety.
  • Adjustable steering column for comfortable operation.

Options :

  • Electronic controlled diesel engine.
  • Ground speed control.
  • Complete range of attachments.
  • “Dust prevention” and “Clogging prevention” packages.
  • Panel Cabines.
  • Pro-Shift transmission abuse protection system.
  • Low maintenance oil cooled wet disc brakes.

Specifications :

DP40N 4000 500 S6S-DPB Diesel
DP45N 4500 500 S6S-DPB Diesel
DP50CN 5000 500 S6S-DPB Diesel
DP50N 5000 600 S6S-DPB Diesel
DP55N 5500 600 S6S-DPB Diesel


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