Are you looking for a powerful low lift pallet truck for transporting loads of up to 2,200 kg across short distances? A warehouse assistant which can be manoeuvred precisely and safely even in confined spaces? Then you should take a look at the EXU! Thanks to its compact size, it is optimally suited for locations with limited space – from narrow warehouse gangways to loading and unloading lorries and working in supermarket aisles. Intelligent: the unique OPTISPEED tiller automatically adapts the speed of the forklift truck to the tiller angle, thus ensuring that goods are transported safely and quickly.

Plus, with the ‘ECO’ and ‘BOOST’ driving programmes, you can choose between maximum output and optimum efficiency at the press of a button. Do you not only want to transport goods but also to pick them in a particularly health-friendly way? The EXU-H model is equipped with a variably adjustable working height of up to 760 mm which guarantees an ergonomically optimum body position for all operators. The auto-lift function option provides even more comfort – a sensor detects the upper edge of the loaded goods and automatically adapts the working height. If another layer of goods is added or removed, the loading forks move up or down a fraction by themselves.



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