Ergonomic operation with maximum handling capacity – that is what the FXV 14/16 stands for. With a lifting height of more than 6.2 m and a lifting capacity of up to 1600 kg, it offers the best possible storage density. It is unparalleled for speed; at up to 12 km/h, the FXV is out in front of other high lift pallet trucks. Not only does it move quickly, it is also very safe thanks to the automatic speed reduction based on the steering angle and lifting height.

The FXV can handle long operating times and multi-shift operation with ease. With a battery capacity of up to 625 Ah and optional Li-ion technology, the FXV keeps on going when others have run out of steam. Drivers won’t want to leave their cab as the comfortable driver’s seat and pedals offer maximum driving comfort, even on long journeys. The FXV offers the ideal combination of performance and comfort for any warehouse.



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