Flexible and affordable short term rental.

Starting from 1 day.


Mashgate offers an extensive range of warehouse handling equipments

With Mashgate Rental Forklift,


No Investment Cost

  • You can focus on plotting your financial resources to your business
  • Fixed budget, easy for financial planning


Maintenance Free

  • Full maintenance service by Mashgate
  • Periodical battery inspection


Less Breakdown Time

  • You always have priority for our service in case of breakdown
  • We replace with new units every 3 years, which provides peak performance at all time


work_redMid-High usage customers: You do not need to worry about preventive maintenance cost.
work_redBattery Forklifts/Reach Trucks: Battery equipment needs more care to maintain the battery life.
Mashgate offers an extensive range of warehouse handling equipments available with either short or long term hire/rental options.Advantage of renting a forklift from Mashgate
  • We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor lift trucks.
  • We have years of industry experience in forklift servicing and a trusted reputation in forklift Singapore.
  • New and used Reach Trucks are also available depending on the length of rental and budget.
  • We provide a support unit if we require the repair forklift more than 24 hours.


              No. In case of purchasing, you need to consider preventive maintenance cost and unforeseen expense for repair.

              200 operation hours or 2.5 month whichever comes first.

              We deal with many Japanese brands, and we will select a best unit for you depending on your requirement and budget.

              Our Trade-in scheme enables you to enjoy no payment period to offset the trade-in value by monthly rental.

              We have wide range of attachments along with your requirement, such as camera, rotator, push-pull etc.

              Yes. We will provide you a unit with LTA registration as long as it is required for your usage.

              Yes, we will provide a support unit if any repair work will take more than 24 hours.