At Mashgate, we emphasize on expert service to keep your forklift working and your servicing costs as low as possible. Our technicians have hands on experience on servicing any forklift brand. A trusted service from our end is guaranteed. We ensure you a fast and accurate diagnosis and repair of your forklifts.

Technicians highly skilled

We employ only proficient technicians and provide training for all forklift trucks and boast a large team of “mobile service workshop” that are fully equiped with parts for any breakdown repairs

Periodic Maintenance Scheme

We provide effective periodic maintenance scheme that caters to every individual’s needs with minimal cost. And supply only genuine parts at affordable prices to ensure the quality and life of your forklift


On-site Repair Service

We cover all region in Singapore.
Please feel free to call us when you have any troubles or issues on your forklift.
We ensure you a fast and accurate diagnosis, and do our free quotation for repair.
Our technicians can service all brand of forklift.
Just call us and we are happy to assist you.


Sales of spare parts

We can support a wide variety of your needs.
From genuine parts to generic parts, we make a best offer to you along with your budget.


Repair at workshop

Occasionally, we do repair at our workshop, when there is no work space at your location or when we need our facility to complete the repair. We will offer you a replacement unit upon request (subject to stock availability).


Periodic Maintenance

We don’t miss any minor problems.
Our maintenance service is done by highly skilled mechanic team.
We provide effective periodic maintenance for all brand of forklift.
Please feel free to contact us for free assessment and quotation.

Responsibilities/Essential Functions
Troubleshoot and repair on diesel and battery forklifts
Overhaul, repair engine, auto transmission, hydraulic and electrical system
Lubricate and perform preventive maintenance on forklift equipment
Perform assigned day-to-day repairs, emergency and preventive maintenance

How much are you keen on tyres?

Forklift with worn tyres can easily slip especially on wet surfaces, which will cause serious accident.
It can also affect every part of equipment and could increase possible breakdown or repair.
We highly recommend you to keep your tyres in good conditions by re-grooving or replacing to new tyres.

Importance of tyres

Compared with tyres for commercial vehicles, forlift tyres are used under extremely tough environment.
You can imagine, in case of 2.5 ton lifting capacity forklift, the body weight is about 4 ton, and the total weight will become over 6 tons with maximum lifting items.
Even though forklift is used at lower speed, it is very fast to be worn by repeating accelerate/decelerate and turning action.



How to prolong your battery life

  1.  Keep at a safe temperature
  2.  No over discharging
  3.  Keep the right amount of battery water
  4.  Charge correctly
  5.  Follow loading capacity
  6.  Keep the top part of battery clean at all times

How to maintain battery


We can do repainting to refresh or customize your equipment along with necessity.

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